Drivelease Treating Customers Fairly Policy

PDS Fleet Services Ltd T/A Drivelease


PDS Fleet Services Ltd T/A Drivelease ensures that our customers are at the centre of what we do. We are fully committed to providing the highest standards of client service and professional advice.


We recognise that our clients are our most valuable asset and our aim is to ensure that we deliver a polite, professional, robust and reliable cost effective service to each client. As part of our structured approach we aim to meet and exceed our clients expectations and deliver the highest levels of quality and service.


Our Treating Customers Fairly policy is designed around the guidance we follow provided by the Financial Conduct Authority. We aim to consistently deliver fair outcomes to our clients and take responsibility at all levels for our company and staff to provide a better customer experience. Our culture is based on openness and transparency and we take our responsibilities to the Financial Conduct Authority very seriously.


The Financial Conduct Authority has outlined six key themes which are central to our Treating Customers Fairly Policy:


  • ​Consumers should be confident that they are dealing with firms where treating customers fairly is embedded in the corporate culture.


  • Services marketed are done so with the aim of meeting client’s needs and are promoted fairly


  • Consumers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the service provision.


  • Where advice is provided, it takes into account the clients circumstances and is appropriate.


  • The service provided is of a professional standard.


  • Customers do not face unreasonable barriers to make a complaint.


We have set out below how we aim to ensure that these principles are embedded into our corporate structure and approach to dealing with our clients.


Our service


We ascertain the appropriateness of the requested service for all clients prior to accepting any order, ensuring it is in line with their needs and level of understanding. We continually aim to keep clients fully informed in a clear and fair manner that is unambiguous and not misleading in any way. Our services are delivered with complete transparency and do not contain hidden conditions or misleading definitions. We ensure  clients understand the potential risks associated with our service provision at the outset prior to an order being received. In the event that there is a conflict of interest, we will inform clients as soon as possible after becoming aware of it.


Our approach


Our priority is to provide clients with excellent service, underpinned by quality and choice. We are committed to ensuring staff and customers, are happy using our services, and remain with us for the future and would happily refer family and friends. Our advice is guided by listening to client needs and understanding what is important to them. We take responsibility for meeting the needs of our clients and always look for ways that we can improve the quality of service that we offer. Our aim is to treat our clients fairly, with respect and deliver a level of service commensurate to their expectations. By recognising that our staff are a critical part in delivering a positive experience, we work closely as a team to bestow the best client experience practises possible. Our staff are experienced and skilled service providers to clients. As a company we work together to consistently improve and are open to suggestions from our clients on improvement methods. These company policies are in line with the understood guidance and best practise issued by the Financial conduct Authority and we embrace the treatment of customers fairly.